Hello, my name is Jeanette and this is my blog.

Seeking Solace

" My Heart Carries An Inconsolable Longing,
To Be Off In A Distant Land,
To Wake Up In Unknown Cities,
Surrounded By A Language I Do Not Know,
To Taste The Delicacies Foreign To My Taste buds,
And Wander The City,
To Get Lost In The Sights Of History's Timeless Pieces,
To Connect With Energies Who's Views Differ From Mine,
And To Get Lost In The New Daunting Conversations That Await,
To Simply Be Able To Breathe,
Without The Stress Of Needing To Be Somewhere,
I Find Myself Homesick For A Place I'm Not Even Sure Exists,
And I Hope Wherever This Yearning Takes Me, You'll Be Right Here,
Joining Me For the Ride That Awaits. "

I hope my blog inspires you to explore new places, to help you plan the most epic wedding and do everything and anything your heart desires.