Top 10 Trips To Take In Your 20's

Check out these top 10 things to do in your 20's! Comment below how many of these you've done!

1. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

See one of the seven wonders of the world Machu Picchu. The hike is a bit of challenge but if you reach the end, it makes it all worthwhile for the views. The Inca Trail will take you through the rain forest as you enjoy the views of the Lost City Of The Incas.

Inca Trail Peru.jpg

2.       Oktoberfest, - Munich, Germany

Who doesn’t love a good beer? Take a trip in September to Munich to indulge in the 204-year old Bavarian tradition! The beer is specifically brewed for Oktoberfest and it’s extra strong so be careful! One mug of beer is equivalent to 8 shots of Schnapps!

Oktoberfest Germany.jpg

3.       California Coast Road Trip

Living in California it is one of the things I take for granted but guarantee there is nothing like the west coast. Between the mountains, dessert, forests and breath-taking views of the ocean you will finish this trip feeling amazing. Stop in Big Sur and Monterrey as a must! And if driving doesn’t suit you, take the train for only $97 dollars up the coast!

California Coast.jpg

4.       Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City, as it is named that for a reason. Vegas is definitely a must do while you’re young and can sip on some cocktails, or if the club scene isn’t your party, go visit the Red Rock Canyons. They are about 30 minutes away from Vegas and be prepared for some pretty epic views! Either way the entertainment in Vegas is endless!

Red Rock Canyon.jpg

5.       Tomorrowland, Belgium

If you haven’t heard of Tomorrowland it’s best you look it up now! If you’ve been to Coachella or ever considered going, Tomorrowland is on a whole different level. Even if you aren’t into EDM music this is a 3 day festival you don’t want to miss!


6.       Backpack Southeast Asia

Go see Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, it is really affordable, way more then you may think. You definitely won’t be counting your pennies in Asia because the United States has a favorable currency exchange rate. So you can get what should be $500 a night hotels for a fraction of the cost!


7.       Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Soak in the geothermal springs that feel just like a natural hot tub! It may be a little touristy but it is an experience you can’t miss out on. And while you’re in Iceland don’t forget to catch the Northern Lights! Did I mention flights are generally pretty cheap to Iceland also.

Iceland Blue Lagoon.jpg

8.       Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a must on any bucket list for sci-fi skyscrapers, eccentric karaoke bar, Kobe Steak, capsule hotels,  weird vending machines filled with just about anything you can think of!, Harajuku girls, oh and don’t forget Tokyo Disneyland!

Tokyo Japan.jpg


9.       Havana, Cuba

Run, go now! Cuba had been off limits to US Travelers for so long that this is a rare opportunity.  Although you will need to fufill one of 12 entry requirements in order to travel to Havana, it is extremely worth it. Once there, bring on the endless exploring and pristine beaches of Cuba.

Havana Cuba.jpg

10.   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is most known for it’s ph so famous coffee shops. However there is a lot more to do then just visit the coffee shops. It is actually one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. There is so much art, culture and food to explore that the possibilitis are endless. Also don’t forget to visit the Red Light District.


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