Visit the City of Bones, Paris Darkest Secret

Welcome to the Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs of Paris are one of Paris darker sides. There are many secret entrances into the catacombs but don't go off and explore for yourself. You will most definitely get lost, so plan for a tour. Instead book your tour for the catacombs and plan to arrive EARLY, as the line to get inside can be over an 2 hours long if you don't plan ahead. Be prepared to WALK, as you enter and pay your admission you will go down 130 feet of narrow winding stairways, that's about 12 stories down below the city of Paris. (I wish I was kidding) Once you reach the bottom you'll enter the dimly lit catacombs of walls and walls covered in bones!

Catacombs of Paris

Check out these 5 facts about the Catacombs and see pictures of adventure below!

  1. The Catacombs were built in the late 18th century. Mass graveyards around Paris were overflowing, and so the bones were exhumed and arranged in the existing subterranean tunnels of the city's ancient quarry

  2. There are over 6 million human remains down below in the underground tunnels.

  3. During WWII, the Resistance used portions of the Catacombs as hideouts. Ironically, the Nazis also created bunkers in this underground city of death.

  4. n 1793, Philibert, doorkeeper of a nearby hospital, descended into the catacombs in search of a storehouse. He wandered deep into the catacombs and ended up lost. Eleven years later, his remains were discovered only a short distance from the exit, only identifiable by the hospital key ring dangling from his belt. Today, Philibert is popularly celebrated as Protector of the Cataphiles.

  5. The Catacombs is about 1 mile long and the tour is about 45minute walk, if you don't get lost.

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