Here’s why Wedding Coordinators are no longer for the Bride with the Unlimited Budget

Wedding planners and coordinators are no longer just for the couples with the unlimited budgets. They are an indispensable asset that could potentially make or break your wedding, or could also save your wedding for potential disasters that may arise! And if you choose your wedding coordinator wisely, this can actually end up saving you a lot of time and money. 


Full service wedding planners can help with understanding and creating your budget for your vision wedding. They can help with any decision and help decide where to cut costs so you can fit in all your must haves. 


Planners are there to make sure that everything stays on track, from booking the vendors, to making sure everyone is on time. With weddings there are so many loose ends that can easily unwind and turn into a major headache. On the day of your wedding the last thing you want to worry about is cueing the Dj to start your first dance, or dealing with vendor payments and schedules. This is your day to relax and enjoy with family & friends, not worry about everything else. 


Wedding planners will make sure that the bride & groom are well fed, and will be the main point of contact for your vendors. This will help streamline your timeline for a smooth night, without any interruptions!

Given that planners plan many weddings, this means that their vendors are more then likely to give discounts to them, because it is continuous business. Wedding planners are repeat customers and unfortunately couples are not. This is where your planner will be a BIG help in planning & cutting costs for your dream wedding.

Another big help, is when it comes to the ceremony to reception flip, a planner can quickly coordinate the staff for an easy transition while your guests enjoy the cocktail hour. Planners will create a schedule to be able to cue your bridesmaid to walk down the aisle, to cue music for your grand entrance, to finding the perfect time for your first dance, and cake cutting! There is sooo much time & money invested in your wedding. So why not make sure that your night goes just as smooth?



At the end of the day wedding planning services range from full service planning months in advance, down to the day of coordination. Even if you have event experience it is always nice to have an outside eye perspective that can help take care of any of the little things that come up. The last thing you want to worry about is forgetting something at the venue, or dealing with vendors asking for final payment. 


Your wedding planner wants to make sure that this is YOUR night, and wants it to be as magical as you’ve always dreamed of, so having someone who understands this, is so important.

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