Your FIRST Impression at Setting the Tone & Mood of Your Wedding!

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Wedding Invitations are the first thing your soon to be guests will see, this is your first impression at setting the mood of your upcoming wedding.


             This is why, it is essential for you, to show your personality and individuality in all of the little details on your invitations and save the dates. First things is first though, choose the theme of your wedding and stick to it. You want to carry your theme thru the save the dates, invitations, wedding colors, bridal party and eventually your wedding. This will help create a more natural flow and make your wedding a little more complete.

        I personally like to customize my invitations, however if you are not creative and prefer a more professional touch then I’d check out these links to help you get going. However, it is important to add your personal touches that will make your invitation uniquely yours when designing your wedding invitations. There are a variety of ways to correctly design and word your invitations. My personal favorite is Zazzle they have sooo many options. One of the perks of Zazzle is they have MULTIPLE different categories you can choose from, and by season, or by timeline order! 

Let’s begin:

•    Set and stick to a budget – THIS IS KEY!


I wouldn’t advise getting wedding invitations until you have first decided on a wedding budget and a a rough guest count. Wedding Invitations are not cheap and do add to your ever-growing wedding budget. So first figure out what you can realistically afford for your wedding and breakdown all the costs of what you’re willing to spend on each aspect of your wedding. This in turn will help you deicide on what you can and can’t afford for your wedding stationary, which includes; save the dates, invitations and thank you cards. Once you’ve decided that, you’ve just completed step one.

•    Decide on a Theme!

Looking for the right invitation is a very daunting task, as there are many styles, millions of hues and colors and an unlimited combination of fonts and wording to choose from. However, all this can be simplified if you have established your theme and colors of your wedding. By doing this you have just eliminated hundreds of options and narrowed down your search because now you have 2 important factors to use to find your perfect wedding stationary. Whether your theme be Beachy, Bohemian or Traditional style use a wedding invitation and stationary that match this theme! This is very important!

•    Costs


When trying to save money, this does not mean that you should select boring or dull designs. There are some wedding kits and do-it-yourself wedding invitations that are loaded with style and at the same time save you bucks. You will also be able to personalize every invitation and make each one special for each guest. This could also be a great chance to get together with your bridal party, share ideas and talk about some other details and tasks you need to accomplish as your big day nears. This is for the DIY bride who has the creativity to design their own invitations. Must warn you if you are in a rush and do not have the patience to do so, I would search for online deals to get your cards you can afford.

Here are a couple of deals that I believe my readers would like to know! Weddings are expensive, so as a former bride I know I take all the deals I can get! Check them out below! Also don’t forget to subscribe as I will be posting any new deals I find!

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